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WOGG 2002




High pressure laminate

Pressed laminate (high pressure laminates). To produce Wogg high-pressure laminate, several layers of paper are soaked on both sides in melamine resin using a unique, future-oriented raw material concept. Technologically groundbreaking and consistently climate-friendly. Wogg high pressure laminate has the ability to transform any environment into a place of real comfort and aesthetic pleasure. This is made possible by the special properties and advantages of the innovative materials such as low light reflection, extremely matt surface, soft feel, protection against fingerprints and thermal repairability of superficial micro-scratches


Back wall




Filigree metal

Modern aesthetics meets robustness - discover our furniture made from high-pressure laminate!

The Wogg family 2002 is the world of elegance and beauty! The beautiful design furniture family combines timeless aesthetics with modern sophistication. Each piece was designed with attention to detail and exudes pure luxury. The harmonious lines and masterful craftsmanship give each piece of furniture a unique look.

What are the impressive advantages of our high-pressure laminate furniture?

  1. Robust and hard-wearing: The high-pressure laminate panels are particularly resistant to scratches, wear and tear, moisture and you won't see any annoying fingerprints. This means our furniture is ideal for everyday use and will retain its flawless beauty for many years.

  2. Versatility in design and color: Our high-pressure laminate furniture offers a wide range of colors, patterns and surfaces to fit seamlessly into your individual furnishing concept. Whether minimalist, modern or classic - here you will find the right design for your taste.

  3. Easy to clean and maintain: Thanks to the smooth, closed surface, our furniture is effortless to clean. A damp cloth is enough to remove stains and dirt, leaving you more time for the things you really care about.

  4. Environmentally friendly choice: Wogg high-pressure laminate panels are environmentally friendly and free from substances harmful to health. Our furniture stands for sustainable quality that benefits both you and nature.

  5. Precise workmanship: Our furniture pieces are manufactured with the utmost precision to ensure flawless aesthetics and flawless functionality. Every detail is carefully considered to offer you a product of the highest quality.

Immerse yourself in the flair of timeless elegance and let yourself be enchanted by the perfection of the Wogg family 2002. The true beauty can be found in every detail. Design your home without tools with furniture that is not only functional but also reflects your personality. Experience timeless design and durability!

Fenix NTM plate colors

HPL panels (black edge), colors

Metal colored frame and slide-in boxes

Wogg 2002 metal colors 1.png
Wogg 2002 metal colors 2.png

Wogg 25


Christophe Marchand


1-tier, 2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier, 5-tier, 6-tier / stackable as desired, with or without base frame

Measures in cm

L 26 × D 26, H = 26 / 52 / 78 / 104 / 130 / 176

L 34 × D 34, H = 34 / 68 / 102 / 136 / 180 / 204

Wogg 25 impresses with its radical simplicity in form as well as its visual and real lightness. The thin composite panels and the translucent rear walls are assembled with the utmost precision. The boxes and towers are available in different sizes and can be put together to suit all needs without tools. They work as individual objects as well as as an ensemble. Wogg 25 is also with a filigree Base available in various colors.

Wogg 52


Christophe Marchand


AnyStackable, with or without base frame

Measures in cm

L 101 × D 34, H = 74

Base frame: L 101 × D 34, H = 22

Wogg 52 consists of very thin high-pressure laminate panels and a translucent back wall. There is no top or bottom, no front or back, Wogg 52 can be rotated and stacked as desired and is also available with a delicate base frame in various colors.

Wogg 54


Christophe Marchand



With or without slide-in boxes, maximum 3 large and 1 small slide-in box possible


Dimensions in cm

L 126.5 × D 73.5, H = 74

Wogg 54 is simple and sophisticated at the same time. The table top, which also offers storage space, rests on a filigree, black steel structure. Containers for writing utensils can be slid into the four niches in the table top. The table top is made of high-pressure laminate panels, the base frame is made of metal. Slide-in boxes made of powder-coated steel are available as accessories. A maximum of 3 large and 1 small slide-in box are possible per table.

Wogg 92


Christophe Marchand



With or without slide-in boxes, maximum 3 large and 1 small slide-in box possible


Dimensions in cm

L 92.7 × T 34, H = 74

The enchanting chest of drawers by Christophe Marchand blends in beautifully in any space. This love piece not only embodies style, but also practicality - an absolute must-have for stylish rooms and the perfect finishing touch to his collection. Stylish, loving and perfect.