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WOGG 6006


Wogg 72 lounger


Textiles are materials that we need for our loungers. The term “textile” comes from Latin and has to do with the verb “to weave”. 


Our leathers are particularly recommended. They are easy to clean and less sensitive to stains. In general, synthetic fiber usually proves to be better than natural fiber.

Base frame



There is an impressively sophisticated and invisible mechanism built in that perfects the function of the lounger: the lying surface is infinitely adjustable and can remain in any position. No levers or gas springs are necessary – the balanced play of tension and pressure is sufficient. Since the design of the surface follows uncompromising ergonomic guidelines, any form of sitting in this lounger is relaxing and comfortable, whether you are having a conversation, reading a book, watching TV or sleeping.

Natural living with high-quality wood and veneer furniture – timeless elegance for your home!

The Wogg family of fabric and leather is where quality, style and durability combine to create an irresistible combination. Our exquisite fabric and leather lounger will delight you and take your everyday life to a new level of elegance.

What are the incomparable advantages of our lounger?

  1. High-quality materials: We select only the best fabrics and leather qualities to ensure your products last and retain their shine.

  2. Craftsmanship: The lounger is made with passion and precision by experienced craftsmen.

  3. Variety of styles: Whether classic, modern or elegant – the lounger fits perfectly to your individual style.

  4. Comfort: The lounger is not only beautiful to look at, but also offers excellent comfort to make you feel completely comfortable.

  5. The lounger is ergonomically designed to guarantee maximum relaxation.

Add a touch of luxury to your life and treat yourself to the best in fabric and leather. Discover our lounger today and experience the perfect symbiosis of elegance and comfort. Welcome to a world where quality and style come first.

Wogg 72 lounger


Christophe Marchand


Metal, dark sepia color, chrome-plated


Magnetic infinitely adjustable


Fabric white-gray, dark gray, light gray, topia platinum, credo pepper, credo snow, topia ebnoy, credo black

Leather midnight black, platinum gray, asphalt gray, signal red, cappuccion, tango, sand, walnut, brown pepper, tobacco brown, cashmere white

Customer request possible

Dimensions in cm length/height


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