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WOGG 4004

Wogg 38


Table frame

Solid oak and walnut, natural lacquer finish; solid ash, natural and black lacquer finish 


Table top

Oak/walnut veneer, natural lacquer finish; ash veneer, black lacquer finish


The table by Alfredo Häberli is a masterpiece of elegance and visual sophistication. Manufactured using the impressive Wogg technology and material expertise, it can be made to measure up to 360 cm in length. Thanks to its versatile customisation options, it is suitable as a stylish dining or meeting table that adds an aesthetic touch to any room and makes a convincing statement.       



Wogg 94



Oak veneer


Melamine silk matt - plastics made of melamine resin are hard, unbreakable and have a pleasantly smooth surface



Anodised aluminium


Back panel

Plastic (PP) is a semi-crystalline, non-polar, thermoplastic material produced by polymerisation of propene


Fixed shelves

Clear glass



Anodised aluminium



Wogg 94

Wogg 95

Natural living with high-quality wood and veneer furniture – timeless elegance for your home!

The Wogg family of wood and veneer is the world of natural beauty! Our exquisite furniture made of wood and veneer brings the warmth and authenticity of nature directly into your four walls. Immerse yourself in an oasis of peace and relaxation while you fully enjoy the harmonious interplay of elegance and robustness.

What are the incomparable advantages of our wood and veneer furniture?

  1. Sustainability and environmental awareness: Our furniture is made from sustainable wood sources and contributes to an environmentally friendly choice for your home. The responsible use of natural resources is a matter close to our hearts.

  2. Timeless beauty: The unique grain and structure of real wood and veneer give your furniture a timeless and elegant aesthetic. No matter whether it is noble oak, elegant walnut or modern ash - each piece will be unique in your living space.

  3. Longevity: Wood and veneer are known for their robustness and longevity. Our carefully crafted pieces of furniture will bring you joy and retain their beauty for many years to come.

  4. Versatile uses: Whether in the living room, dining room, bedroom or office - our wood and veneer furniture fits effortlessly into any environment and gives your home a warm and cozy atmosphere.

  5. Craftsmanship and quality: Every piece of furniture is manufactured by highly qualified employees with attention to detail and using the most modern machines. The combination of traditional techniques and modern designs guarantees the highest quality and value.

The combination of wood and veneer is a tribute to the beauty of nature. Regardless of whether you prefer a classic or modern interior, our furniture adapts to your individual style and brings a feeling of comfort and security. Bring Wogg nature into your home and work environment!

Wogg 4004 Colors.png

Wogg 38 table


Alfredo Häberli

Table frame

Solid oak, natural lacquered; Solid walnut, natural lacquered; Solid ash, natural lacquered

Table top

Oak veneered, natural lacquered; Walnut veneered, natural lacquered; Solid ash, painted black / table top thickness 4.5 cm

Height in cm


Dimensions in cm length/width

160x80; 200x90; 220x90; 240x100; 260x100; 280x100; 300x100; 320x100, 340x100; 360x100

Wogg 95 and 96 cylinder Wood


Benny Mosimann 


Natural oak veneer, white and black,

Anodized aluminum profile

Black silver


Melamine satin white and black


oak veneer white and black; Clear glass painted white and black


Wogg 95 - ø 40 / H = 63 cm

Wogg 96 - ø 50 - 1-tier / H = 40 cm

Wogg 97 - ø 50 - 1-tier /H = 63 cm

Wogg 98 - ø 50 - 2-tier / H = 40 cm


Back panel: plastic (PP), black; Fixed shelf: clear glass, d= 33.2 cm h= 0.5 cm; Base: aluminum black anodized;  Foot height: 6.5 cm

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