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WOGG 3003




Polypropylene is a semi-crystalline, non-polar, thermoplastic material produced by the polymerisation of propene. The innovative Wogg formula utilises 80% recycled material from marine waste. This unique combination of environmental awareness and excellent quality makes a significant contribution to promoting a more sustainable and future-proof economy and society. The exceptional durability and longevity make this Wogg collection a timeless and always contemporary piece of furniture.

The sliding doors, guided in precise aluminium profiles, effortlessly play around the rounded or elliptical floor plan and give the furniture a versatile appearance - sometimes open, half-open or closed. This creates an aura of lightness and calm, while at the same time offering generous, easily accessible storage space. With rounded corners, it blends harmoniously into any room and furnishing style. If the sliders are unfortunately damaged or a different colour is desired, they can be replaced at any time.


Glass and semi-matt melamine

Melamine resin plastics are hard, unbreakable and have a pleasantly smooth surface



Semi-matt melamine

Melamine resin plastics are hard, shatterproof and have a pleasantly smooth surface



Curved anodised aluminium in various colour options

The big challenge with Benny Mosimann's container furniture is the rounded shape of the furniture's outline. A circumferential aluminium profile protects the edge and guides the sliders at the same time. We were the first to develop the Wogg aluminium profile bending machine for this purpose.


Wogg 17

Wogg 18

Wogg 44

Wogg 74

Experience clever use of space with our practical plastic furniture and the intelligent sliding system

The characterful Wogg family 1001 combines a harmonious design language with a great sense of lightness. They can be put together as desired and, thanks to the intelligent sliding system, are your ticket to a life full of style and functionality.

What are the impressive advantages of our plastic (PP) furniture?

  1. Revolutionary sliding system: Thanks to the sliding doors, the furniture does not require more space than its size. Is easy to use, disabled and age-appropriate. Can be open or closed. The sliders can be easily changed if you ever feel like changing the color or something should happen.

  2. Modern design: The proportions are harmonious, the curves make the furniture appear light and fine. What is particularly practical is that the units can be opened independently of each other using the sliding doors. And there is a lot of storage space hidden behind the sliding doors. Whether in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office or entrance: all kinds of things fit in here and are nicely looked after.

  3. Robust plastic (PP): Enjoy longevity and peace of mind. Our furniture made from high-quality polypropylene plastic resists stains, moisture and wear. Years later, they will still look as flawless as they did on the first day. The sliders are also easy to change. 

  4. Easy Care: Caring for your furniture has never been easier. With our plastic material you can clean your furniture in no time - more time for the things that really matter to you.

  5. Versatility in colors and shapes: Unleash your creativity and choose from a wide range of colors and designs. Our plastic furniture adapts to every room and taste and sets individual accents in your home.

Our furniture is an invitation – to create something personal, to remain flexible and to benefit from longevity. We call it: a new culture of lifestyle.

Wogg 17 Ellipsetower


Benny Mosimann


1-story, 2-story, 3-story

Measures in cm

L 65 × D 50, H = 44/ 79/ 114

Wogg 18 Classicboard


Benny Mosimann


1-story, 2-story, 3-story

Measures in cm

L 148 × D 37, H = 44/ 79/ 114

Wogg 73 and 74 cylinders


Benny Mosimann


1-story, 2-story, 3-story, 4-story

Measures in cm

Wogg 73 - ø 40 / H = 63 cm

Wogg 74 - ø 50 - 1-tier / H = 40 cm

Wogg 74 - ø 50 - 1-tier /H = 63 cm

Wogg 74 - ø 50 - 2-tier / H = 40 cm

Wogg 74


Benny Mosimann


0.5 storey, 1 storey, 1.5 storey, 2 storey, 2.5 storey, 3 storey, 3.5 storey

The division can be freely chosen.

Measures in cm

ø 40 and ø 50 cm