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Wogg 80

Wogg 80



Designer Hans Eichenberger

Wogg 80 is the new generation or the smaller version of the legendary advertising column Wogg 13. For many it is a favorite piece, a space saver and a cult object at the same time.


Thanks to the many color options, it suits almost everyone and almost everything. Open or closed, you will love it, use it and keep it forever. Whether in the entrance, office, bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom, private or business, it fulfills every wish.


Wogg 13 has conquered the world with sales of over CHF 50 million. Now Wogg 80 is about to do the same.



    L 45 x D 45 x H 195


    Benny Mosimann


    Black cover:

    • Floor: melamine satin black
    • Slider: plastic (PP), black
    • Profiles: black anodized aluminum
    • Back wall: melamine satin black
    • Feet: aluminum painted black
    • Foot height: 6.5cm


    White cover:

    • Floor: melamine satin white
    • Slider: plastic (PP) opal white
    • Profiles: natural anodized aluminum
    • Back wall: melamine satin white
    • Feet: aluminum natural lacquered
    • Foot height: 6.5cm


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