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Wogg 70

Wogg 70


Designed by Christophe Marchand

Wogg 70 is a wardrobe. It revives the furnishing tradition of placing a representative piece of furniture in the entrance area. Today these are usually powerful, elegantly crafted solid wood cupboards or a discreet built-in cupboard. Wogg 79 appears as a solitaire that fulfills the same function, but appears light and elegant thanks to its craftsmanship. The all-round door takes up no space when open. The cabinet is therefore also suitable for narrower hallways or foyers. The roll front is based on the Wogg 75 system and encloses the furniture seamlessly. The new patented sliding mechanism ensures that the door made of aluminum slats runs quietly and without resistance. Wogg 79 can stand freely and looks beautiful from all sides.


Color & Material

    L 122 x D 67 x H 188


    Christophe Marchand


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