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Welcome to our exclusive world of custom and bespoke furniture collections where dreams and visions become reality.

The designs by the renowned Italian designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti set a new dimension of elegance and sophistication for a customer order. The collection embodies the essence of luxury and timeless beauty, created for those who live the extraordinary.

Immerse yourself in a world of opulence where every piece of furniture tells a story. The exclusive materials are carefully selected to meet the highest demands.

The shapes and silhouettes of Haute Couture furniture are a play of elegance, functionality and innovation. Each piece embodies a unique design concept and a touch of glamor that redefines the boundaries of furniture craftsmanship. Let yourself be enchanted by the artistic lines and careful proportions.


In an intensive and varied professional career, the studio is involved in projects of various sizes across disciplines, from the architecture of buildings and urban areas to the interior design of houses and commercial spaces, from the design of furniture and lighting to the design of exhibitions and showrooms , places and typologies, brands and people, materials and processing mix together and contaminate each other.

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Wogg is the new world of innovation and inspiration! Our furniture construction redefines desires and creates a unique experience that enchants your senses. Discover an ambience that combines modern design, functionality and aesthetics to perfection. Our tailor-made solutions adapt seamlessly to your ideas and skilfully showcase your ideas. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of project development and let yourself be inspired by our innovative possibilities. Here you can experience design like never before - an oasis of creativity and exclusivity that will fascinate your customers.

Christophe Marchand, Chief Product Officer of WOGG AG, will be happy to assist you without obligation.

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