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The Wogg 13 round cabinet by Hans Eichenberger is known and loved as a multifunctional indoor advertising column and has achieved sales of over CHF 50 million to date.


How can you make a perfect product from 1994 fit for the future in the new millennium? Through a more contemporary design. Voila: Wogg 80.



We had a lot of respect for rethinking the perfectly designed advertising column Wogg 13, a design by the Bernese designer Hans Eichenberger from 1994. His round cabinet with the square shelf tower can – that was the brilliant idea – hold up to 24 folders.

In our homage to Hans Eichenberger, we remain true to the idea of the advertising column. Wogg 80 is a slim, proportionally smaller round cabinet that is still suitable for offices, but now fits primarily in living areas. New motto in form and function: A completely round thing. Round turntable as a stand, round body, round shelves, round sheet steel casing.

The new development by Christophe Marchand from 2021 honors the great idea of a great designer and makes it fit for the 21st century. Eichenberger is known for having high standards, being extremely critical and making compromises with him had to be fought hard. We are happy that Wogg 80 has become possible.


*1926 in Grosshöchetten/BE

Hans Eichenberger is an interior architect and designer SWB/VSI. In the years 1942-51 he completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter and worked as a trainee draftsman. He has had his own studio in Bern since 1951. Over the years, designs for various furniture collections and realizations have been created in collaboration with Atelier 5. His designs are represented in various collections, including the MoMA in New York, the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein and the Museum for Design in Zurich.

Designer Christoph Marchand.jpeg


Christophe Marchand is a product designer and Chief Product Officer at WOGG AG. He has designed a large range of internationally successful furniture and accessories. In-house he is responsible for creation and product development. Iconic Wogg products from him are Wogg 25 / 52 / 54 / 72 / 79 / 81 / 82 / 83 and 84.

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