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Uchida Design actually wanted to test the possibilities of the new Wogg 75 roll front - now one piece of furniture from their design is in an exhibition in Tokyo and in the Wogg showroom in Zumikon/Zurich. Uchida Design's aesthetic concept turns a piece of storage furniture into a practical sculpture and a new innovative office concept for a well-known Japanese company.

Inspired by the classic Wogg 52 and its ultra-thin composite panels, the Japanese design team starts with a fine box and allows the aluminum profiles of Wogg 75 to slide up and down in three unequal wave movements like a curtain. Depending on how the boxes and their various roll fronts are placed in relation to each other, storage solutions with a very individual aesthetic are created: stacked as a highboard or as a sideboard that can be extended indefinitely.

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Wogg 75 Japan_2.jpeg


Uchida Design Inc. is a design studio founded by interior designer Shigeru Uchida. Since the 80s, "interior design" has mainly referred to the design of commercial spaces, but as Uchida recognized, all the spaces that surround our lives are objects of design. They are pleased and energized when their designs can address the needs of today, finding profound solutions that have far-reaching impacts, and when their work is incorporated into future standards.

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