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The Wogg 70 shelving system by young designer Mattheur Girel follows the tradition of our Wogg brand. It is a sophisticated system, has a minimalist structure and offers versatile applications. It meets two of our requirements: on the one hand, developing pieces of furniture based on the Swiss understanding of design and on the other hand, promoting young talent from the Swiss design landscape.


Wogg 70 is a modular shelving system that consists of a fine tubular steel structure and shelves that can be used on both sides. While the steel tubes of the structure are welded and screwed together, the L-shaped folded shelves are only suspended. They can be placed in the structure in two ways: lying horizontally, they serve as simple storage surfaces (with a protective back), and when hung at an angle, they are elegant, inclined presentation surfaces. The conversion of a shelf into a presentation area and vice versa is done manually, without tools, in no time at all. This simple “hang-in-turn function” is both sophisticated and unique; it invites users to use the furniture according to their own ideas. «It is this metamorphic potential that convinced us to include the shelf in the collection. Beyond the ingenuity of the system, there is an idea of discretion in this shelf that immediately seduced us,” says Christophe Marchand, Chief Product Officer of WOGG AG.


Wogg 70 creates a light and expressive grid, a structure that neither needs to be fixed to the wall nor requires additional cross elements (diagonals for stiffening). It amazes with slim elements that still have amazing stability. This is based on the precise processing of the materials and on the innovative way and where the individual steel tubes are put together: The shelf sides, consisting of vertical and horizontal tubes with an oval cross section, are welded together and form the shape of a ladder. The horizontal tubes with a cylindrical cross-section, which also hold the shelves, are conical at their ends and screwed to the sides of the shelves. This assembly forms a stable anchor and contributes to the stiffening of the structure. If you take a closer look, you will notice that the horizontal tubes at the front and back are not at the same height, but are offset from one another. This creates an invisible but statically effective diagonal on the side that corresponds exactly to the L-shape of the shelves.


WOGG 70 are available in two heights and two widths. This modular principle allows for any arrangement or combination, which in turn creates new shapes – new pieces of furniture. Whether office, living room, library, hotel foyer, bank or administration, the shelf can be used in both private and public spaces. Put together your WOGG 70 the way it suits you! Easy to handle, versatile to use.

Designer Matthieu Girel.jpeg

Matthieur Girel is an independent product designer and co-founder of the Design Studio Hyperespace based in Renens/VD Switzerland. Born in France, Matthieu Girel studied applied arts and then worked for two years in an architectural office in Marseille. In 2009 he moved to Switzerland and completed his training as an industrial designer at ECAL in 2012. He designs furniture and scenography projects for companies, publishers, galleries and private individuals. He has been working with EPFL+ECAL Lab for seven years, as a lecturer for the SHS (Sciences humanes et sociales) industrial design department.

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