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After the modular Wogg 70 shelf and the Wogg 72 lounger comes: Wogg 54 - a compact desk made of high-tech material. The graphic artist duo Badesaison showcases WOGG furniture in a limited series of posters.


Wogg has further developed the Wogg 54 desk and will in future produce it with a generous table top. Up to four flat drawers between the work surface and the base frame serve as minimalist containers for everything you need to work and want to store in a compact manner. Designer Christophe Marchand implemented the idea “thin as metal, but made of wood” for the first time in the Wogg 25 shelf, which is now considered a modern classic: He not only constructed extremely delicate, highly stable storage furniture, but also developed the high-tech material for it in 2001.


Thin wood fiber boards are covered on both sides with high-pressure laminate. This creates stiff composite panels that are only five millimeters thick. A seemingly simple material that is, however, processed precisely in very fine groove-comb connections. It was born in 2001 from the idea of building an open metal tower shelf. But the ground chrome-nickel steel did not meet the required quality in terms of function and aesthetics. The Wogg development team and the designer developed the familiar material of wood in-house so that the design could be implemented.


Wogg develops furniture that is characterized by exceptional construction and materiality. Each model uses knowledge from engineering and processes wood, metal or plastic in new ways. Because we love crafts, we wanted to revive a Swiss cultural asset that is recognized worldwide: good poster graphics. Andreas Spörri and Lukas Ackermann from Badesaison are designing the limited series. Wogg 54 is their third strong image after Wogg 72 lounger and Wogg 70 modular shelf.

Designer Christoph Marchand.jpeg

Christophe Marchand is a product designer and Chief Product Officer at WOGG AG. He has designed a large range of internationally successful furniture and accessories. In-house he is responsible for creation and product development. His iconic Wogg products include the Wogg 25 and Wogg 52 shelves, the Wogg 72 lounger and the Wogg 54 desk.

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