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The Wogg collection is a constantly growing collection of strong individual pieces that appear very different, but are connected by their formal simplicity and technical sophistication. The furniture is an expression of the pursuit of uniqueness and timeless design. New to the collection is the Wogg 72 lounger by Christophe Marchand, which he designed in 2002 and which we are now re-issuing. In addition to the previous classic version with a chrome-plated base frame and leather cover, the lounger is now also available with a black base frame and fabric cover.


The designer and Chief Product Officer of WOGG AG, Christophe Marchand, originally designed the lounger in 2002 for the Swiss furniture brand Team by Wellis, and in 2011 De Sede took over production and sales. We were able to secure the rights to the lounger and are now re-releasing it as part of the Wogg collection. Their well-thought-out design perfectly embodies the brand's DNA. Like every single piece of furniture in our collection, Wogg 72 is characterized by functionality, versatility and unusual technical solutions.

105_72_light gray_sepia dark_105_72_03101_edited_edited.jpg

With its simplicity, the Wogg 72 lounger fits into any living environment and yet has the character of a solitaire. Like the wing of a sailor, the surface of the lounger sways in a stable, simple frame made of square tubular steel. The trapezoidal lines of the edges and the lying surface give the furniture its modern and at the same time timeless character. The designer Christophe Marchand has installed an impressively sophisticated and invisible mechanism in Wogg 72, which perfects the function of the lounger: The lying surface is infinitely adjustable and can remain in any position. No levers or gas springs are necessary – the balanced play of tension and pressure is sufficient. Since the design of the surface follows uncompromising ergonomic guidelines, any form of sitting in this lounger is relaxing and comfortable, whether you are having a conversation, reading a book, watching TV or sleeping.

Wogg 72 adjustable.jpeg

The upholstered furniture is infinitely adjustable like the classic LC4, as slim as Marten van Severen's MVS Chaise - and therefore close in look and feel to two iconic designs - but completely different. Wogg 72 is based on a new technical development for the tilting mechanism, which is discreetly hidden in the central axis. The backrests provide support and offer a good resting position for the arms. “For me, beauty is in comfort, not in looks,” says Marchand.

Designer Christoph Marchand.jpeg

Christophe Marchand is a product designer and Chief Product Officer at WOGG AG. He has designed a large range of internationally successful furniture and accessories. In-house he is responsible for creation and product development. Wogg 72 is cleverly constructed upholstered furniture that is closely tailored to customer needs. His iconic Wogg products are the Wogg 25 and Wogg 52 shelves as well as the desks. Wogg 54

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